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mic_soldier's Journal

火の鳥 pa-trick ; that's ele-le-le-ctric
12 May

noblesse oblige
please continue to be a messiah

No matter what you say,
You wanna come my way,
Don’t wanna change my mind,
Don’t say anything,
Let me show your thought,
I got love still,
That’s why I’m up the top yea,
All of you,
Cause I know you,
Cause you know how,
The way I am,
I take the boss of evil,
So far from him, we can’t take his mind.

a bird from the ashes
now in control

Brother of lightflashrave, karra and badninja. I am also blessed to have myself a mapped_dragon to keep. Or perhaps she possesses me instead.

I am a rising bird, a Phoenix in disguise. This journal tracks the life of a young man who has awakened to a new world, and is finding new paths in life... while being helped hand in hand by his closest friends and family. ♥
selenic soul
listen to the music within me

soul resonance
the heart of the matter

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final profile: papel_luna.
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